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AI Market Research

Few companies breathe AI every day like we do. We exchange notes with the leading AI researchers, vendors, consultants, data scientists, AI first organizations globally every day. We compile our findings into reports, as well as conduct research for select clients.

Rapid Digital Ventures offers AI Training to Executives

AI Training

Digital fluency, specifically AI fluency, is a major gap for many businesses. Add to that the fact that there is a lot of hype and fear associated with AI, we find that most business leaders can benefit from an executive training to join the AI conversation in the right way.

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Artificial Intelligence Strategy

Here is a secret: while many organizations claim that they invested in AI, very few can show business benefits for it. We help our clients integrate AI into their overall strategy, guide them to decide where to start, how to deliver ROI while building enterprise capabilities.

Rapid Digital Ventures Services Venture Incubation

Incubation Services

AI products, and ventures benefit from a global network. We expand our network every day so that our clients can take advantage of meeting and working with new perspectives. We can connect you with start-ups, VCs, accelerators and other ecosystem partners.

RAPID Digital Ventures helps executives develop a robust AI Strategy and build AI capabilities so that their organizations start leading with AI.

  • Our philosophy is to approach AI from a strategic and customer-centric perspective. We are not interested in chasing "shiny objects."  Rather, we help our clients adopt AI to build products that work, and their customers can trust.