Who we are

Rapid Digital Ventures is an AI research and strategy firm founded in 2019.

We help executives transform their organizations by building Human-Machine teams that serve their customers better.

What we believe

Make sure that everyone in your organization knows that their success is directly correlated with your customer’s success.

In a world where technology is quickly becoming a commodity, the only value that organizations should focus on is how to take technology as an input and use it masterfully to deliver value to their customers. When helping clients with their AI strategy, we always start with the question, “how will this initiative help your customers become more successful?”

Be patient about launching moonshot initiatives until you’ve gained experience in smaller AI projects. 

We love organizations who want to move a mountain. Here’s a word of advice: if you are new to AI and haven’t yet invested in organizational capabilities, let’s leave that mountain where it is for a bit more. Why not launch one or two small initiatives to see where we are with data, what we can achieve in short order, and what we learn from the experience?

AI is not an IT initiative. Assign an executive sponsor who is a direct report to the CEO and start raising the AI literacy at the C-level.

For many businesses, adopting AI and building capabilities is one of the most critical investments they can make today. Ensuring that AI has C-level visibility and discussed from a business and strategic perspective vs. a technology initiative is vital.

If you want to transform your organization, ask how AI can help you deliver superior solutions against an unmet customer need.

Stitchfix, Spotify, Uber, Netflix, and Google are household names today. They are successful because their founders understood how AI could help deliver products and services against an unmet need that AI could help deliver. Our role is to guide those who worry about unmet customer needs as they work with AI and use it to develop superior solutions.

Understand that it’s data that drives AI. Invest in data, APIs, and data processing tools now.

While humans don’t always need a lot of data reason, AI systems require a lot of data to make a recommendation. Centralizing your data, cleaning it, and labeling it is one of the most important investments you can make today. You will also need to invest in the tools, platforms so you can extract and transfer data from legacy systems to a central location.

Words matter. Replacing Augmented with Artificial is a good step. You will win, if and when you have Human-Machine teams working together.

AI is scary for many employees. Everyone is afraid that they will lose their jobs. So let’s change the A in AI, and call it augmented intelligence. The reality is AI is a complementary capability and can significantly enhance your team’s performance. Focus on building Human-Machine teams that serve your customers better and faster.

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